Cat shot four times with air rifle in Carlisle

A pet owner in Carlisle is appealing for information after his cat was shot four times by an air rifle.

It's thought the animal was targeted near his home not far from Warwick Road.

Owner, Nikki Tinkler, thought his pet Trevor was suffering from an eye infection and rushed him to the vets.

But after close observation and an x-ray the vet noticed four pellets. One was behind his eye, another in his neck, and two more in his leg and chest.

His injuries were so severe the vet made the decision to put Trevor to sleep.

The RSPCA are investigating the incident and say such crimes cause huge distress, and are treated very seriously.

Shooting a domestic animal is a crime, and can lead to prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act.

An x-ray shows Trevor was shot four times. Credit: Nikki Tinkler

The RSPCA is calling for tougher regulations around the use of airguns, following the introduction of legislation in Scotland in 2015, which means that anyone with an airgun must have a licence.

Anyone with information about the incident are asked to contact the RSPCA.

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