New Osprey chick is fighting fit

Health checks on the new chick at Bassenthwaite Lake revealed she is in 'excellent condition'. Credit: Paul Barnes

The Lake District Osprey Project (LDOP) have said that health checks during the ringing of the new osprey chick at Bassenthwaite Lake have revealed she is in 'excellent condition'.

Ospreys were extinct in Cumbria for over 150 years, but the population has been gradually growing again since the first pair of birds returned to the area in 2001.

Ringing new birds allows experts to monitor the birds movements and breeding.

Ospreys in the nest in Bassenthwaite. Credit: Paul Barnes

It’s important to remember the disturbance of an osprey nest is an offence, and anyone responsible for disturbing the birds may be liable for prosecution.

The best place in the North Lakes to see the osprey birds are the viewpoints at Dodd Wood, which are open from 10am to 5pm until the end of August.

The Osprey population is gradually rising in The Lake District. Credit: Paul Barnes

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