Call for tougher regulations after spike in animal air gun attacks

The RSPCA is calling for more control over airguns after receiving almost 100 reports of animals being shot in the north west.


reports of animal shootings in 2018 across the UK.

Records show that pet cats bore the brunt of the shootings, with 258 incidents in 2018, and pigeons coming second with 112 incidents.

Nearly half of vets who replied to a recent survey concerning animal victims of airgun crime and nearly half those incidents had proved fatal.

  • Nikki Tinkler's cat, Trevor, had to be put down after beingshot five times earlier this month:

The animal charity has called for tougher regulations around the use of airguns.

It comes after the introduction of legislation in Scotland, in 2015, which means that anyone with an airgun must have a licence.

Animals continue to be maimed and killed every year so the RSPCA is calling on the Government to bring in tighter restrictions such as licensing, which we know in Scotland worked, resulting in a 75% drop in animal related complaints in its first year.”

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Chief Inspectorate Officer