Cumbria's first Animal Rehab Centre opens

The centre was opened on Sunday 21st July Credit: ITV News Border

The first animal rehabilitation centre in Cumbria has opened in Windermere.

It will provide physiotherapy and alternative treatments such as acupuncture and hydro therapy for pets.

Celebrity dogs Max, Paddy and Harry were the first to enter. Now if they get ill, these state of the art machines could help.

"We have a class three B laser. We use this for arthritic dogs, it's very, very good for pain relief and reducing inflammation, it's also excellent at wound healing, tissue healing, so we use it a lot for that as well. And we have our ultrasound machine, this is used principally for post-operative tissue swelling to reduce that and thereby relieving pain. We also can offer acupuncture in the practice, so we use this to stimulate nerves and affect muscles in order to relieve pain. And then we have our underwater treadmill and in here we're going to rehabilitate all sorts of conditions including animals with arthritis, post surgical cases both orthopaedic and neurological and we can also use it for weight loss and fitness."

Marcell Casarr, Veterinary Surgeon, Oakhill Vets

It's cost £180,000 with European Grant Funding, so now dogs in the North West can get this treatment too.

There are less than 20 in the UK and nothing from Lancaster to Dumfries. Until now.

"There's only a handful of centres like this in the country that are veterinary-led rehabilitation centres so this is not just a centre for the Windermere area but it's a regional referral centre."

Alex Kirby, Vet, Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Paddy tries out the hydrotherapy machine Credit: ITV News Border