Road works in Carlisle are running behind schedule by 'several' weeks

Residents and motorists continue to be disrupted by the ongoing work on Warwick Road. Credit: ITV Border

Roadworks on Warwick Road in Carlisle are running behind schedule by 'several weeks.'

The work, carried out by United Utilities, should have been completed by the end of June, but the company says a section of pipe lining is not fitting correctly and is causing setbacks.

The work was originally set to finish at the end of June. Credit: ITV Border

A section of the new pipe lining has not fitted as well as we would like, and we will need to replace it. We are currently looking at engineering options and we will do what we can to minimise delays.

United Utilities Spokesperson

Warwick Road is a vital road leading cars in and out of the city from the motorway.

The work is part of a £14 million scheme to replace 32km of water mains throughout Carlisle.

The pipe lines, which supply Carlisle with drinking water, have not been replaced in almost 100 years.

Council members are concerned that the traffic and delays will push drivers into smaller streets which will disrupt residents and potentially cause accidents and impact local businesses.

With the hot weather upon us, heres hoping motorists wont have to stay sitting in traffic for too long.

It is uncertain how long the work will continue on Warwick road in Carlisle. Credit: ITV Border