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Handguns, rifles and flares handed in during first week of surrender

The gun surrender will continue until 4 August. Credit: PA

More than sixty weapons have been handed into Cumbria Police in the first seven days of their two week firearm surrender.

firearms handed in to the stations across the county.

Cumbria Constabulary is teaming up with other police forces in the UK in a bid to stop weapons from getting into the wrong hands.

Those handing over weapons will not face prosecution, at the point of surrender, and can remain anonymous if they wish.

The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) are coordinating the surrender and offer forensic, tactical and strategic intelligence to tackle all aspects of firearms related crime.

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Over the last week, police have received:

  • Shotguns 13
  • Rifles 3
  • Handguns 5
  • Air Rifles 12
  • Air Pistols 5
  • Replica firearms 3
  • Deactivated firearms 2
  • Ammunition 9
  • Blank Firing guns 5
  • Flares/Black Powder 4

“It’s brilliant to see members of the public have stepped-up and handed in their unwanted firearms, meaning they will never be used to cause fear or harm.

“I’d ask again that anyone having unwanted firearms or ammunition should take the opportunity to hand them in under the Surrender.

“This includes pepper and CS sprays as well as electronic touch ‘stun-guns’ – all of which are illegal and treated like a firearm in the UK even if they were bought legally in Europe or over the internet, or are part of a torch.

“Don’t be the one who gets prosecuted and named in the paper for bringing one of these back from holiday - if you’ve got any of these please get rid of them now to avoid being prosecuted.

– Inspector Paul Telford, Firearms Operations

The stations where you can hand your weapons in are:

  • Carlisle (Durranhill)
  • Penrith (Hunter Lane)
  • Barrow
  • Kendal
  • West
  • Whitehaven
  • Workington

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Members of the public have the chance to anonymously hand in any unlawful and unwanted firearms and ammunition until 4 August.