Mum who lost her daughter to suicide speaks out about the dangers of social media

A mum from Carlisle has spoken out about the dangers of social media after losing her teenage daughter to suicide.

Ruby Seal was 15-years-old when she took her own life two years ago.

Her mum, Julie Seal, says Ruby's life revolved around her online presence, and says it contributed to the deterioration of her mental health.

Julie is now campaigning for Ruby's Law, which would make online networking sites illegal for under 16s.

The online petition has already surpassed the target with more than 1,700 signatures in less than one week.

Julie says she is now supporting her twin daughters, aged 14, who struggle with the loss of their sister and endure their own mental health issues.

Her mum is now campaigning for tougher regulations for under 16s. Credit: Ruby's family.

In a recent report, the Royal College of Psychiatrists said professionals must ask youngsters about their use of social media and technology.

The college is backing calls for an independent regulator, a code of conduct for social media firms and a levy to pay for research into links between technology and mental illness.

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