One month on: Allerdale councillors meet to discuss 'bin crisis'

Residents living in the Allerdale area affected by the 'bin crisis' hope councillors will resolve the issue in a meeting this afternoon.

Recycled waste collections were suspended almost four weeks ago in an attempt to reduce some of the problems faced by the services.

Garden waste, glass, cans and plastic recycling collections have all been affected by the decision.

Waste company FCC Environment introduced a new collection scheme at the start of April, which meant new bin collection rounds using new lorries with in-cab technology.

The changes resulted in bin crews not being able to make it to some properties on the scheduled day.

During this period, residents were advised by the council to use the recycling centres and the household recycling sites to get rid of their waste.

Credit: PA

People living in the Allerdale area, who have been affected by the recent change, expressed their views on social media.

One woman said, "My garden waste bin was already full when ABC suspended the collections the excess garden waste generated since the stoppage now smells like silage there is absolutely no way I am putting the smelly waste in my car."

Another stated, "We've had to stop recycling and just putting everything out in the rubbish bin because that's the only one being emptied."

The meeting held today is not open to the public. Allerdale Borough Council has released this statement.

Allerdale's councillors are set to meet from 16:00 to discuss what can be done about the ongoing issue.

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