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Steps taken to shake off Workington “booze” trouble

Credit: PA

A warning has been issued to people causing trouble under the influence of alcohol in Workington after three people were arrested last week.

There has been a rise in complaints about anti-social behaviour which has led to officers putting up new signs to reinforce the ban on public drinking.

A no drinking zone was already in place but enforcement is being stepped up.

The proposals come after three people were charged following an incident that took place in broad daylight on 8 August.

Mark Whitehead, 32, was charged with obstructing a police officer.

34-year-old Kelly Anne Smyth was also charged with obstructing a police officer and assaulting an emergency worker.

Jack Nicholson 26, was charged with a section 4A public order, obstructing a police officer, assault on an emergency worker and violent behaviour at a police station.

They are all due to appear in court.

Credit: PA

Patrols of the area will be conducted by police officers, and community support officers, to make sure the ban on alcohol is fully enforced.

“The partner agencies are determined to make this vital shopping area free from drunken loutish behaviour and from people causing anti-social behaviour.”

– Sergeant Mitchell Franks, the Allerdale Local Focus

The council and the police will continue to work closely together to make sure all town centre’s in the area are safe and secure for residents to enjoy,

“The Allerdale Local Focus hub partnership between the council, police and other partners is bringing real benefits to the area and is ensuring the community areas are dealt with both quickly and efficiently.”

– Marion Fitzgerald, leader of Allerdale Borough Council.

The councils plans for permanent signage in the town centre are ongoing.