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England Stone Skimming Championships

Champion Alex Lewis threw 98m on Windermere Photo: ITV News Border

The All England Stone Skimming Championships have been held on Windermere.

Alex Lewis won the English Championship with a throw of 98m. He is already this year's The Welsh, Swiss and British champion.

He's one of only four people in the world recorded to have skimmed a stone for over 100m, his record is 112m.

"When you get a throw and then you realise that it's going well you know that is going to go far but sometimes they just go even further than you expect and they're the ones that are really exciting and win competitions and break records and things."

– Alex Lewis, English champion
Ron Long was runner up at 2019's English Stone Skimming Champs Credit: ITV News Border

Alex's major competition is Ron Long. He was injured in the fire service and stone skimming helped him recover. Now at 75 he's one of the best.

"Muscle memory was still there from my childhood; power wasn't. There's a tranquility involved in it; there's a sense of massive satisfaction when you do well. You are defying gravity; you are defying all of the laws of physics in a way, yes? You throw a stone into water it's supposed to sink but it doesn't: it dances."

– Ron Long, Runner Up
Hundreds entered the competition at Fell Foot Park Credit: ITV News Border

But you don't have to be a pro to enter the All England Stone Skimming Championships on Windermere. Anyone can have a go.

The secret to throwing a good stone is to put the stone at the back of your hand with your index finger around the corner of it. The throw starts up high and comes down in an arch as low as possible.

"I had 3 stones there, my first turn was alright and then the others weren't, so it is just luck of the draw. It's nice to know you can do it."

– Amanda Waltham, 2nd lady

This quest for the perfect skim raises money for South Cumbria Rivers Trust.

The furthest stone went 98m with several skims Credit: ITV News Border