Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn says a no deal Brexit would be 'disastrous' for farmers in Cumbria.

He visited the county to speak to sheep farmer Will Cockbain about how leaving the EU without an agreement could have consequences for the industry.

Mr Corbyn said he would do “everything necessary” to prevent it from happening.

It comes after the National Farming Union warned the agricultural market could be hit with a 46% tariff on lamb if the UK exits the European Union without an agreement in place.

We have to understand our rural communities so we can protect them"

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party.
Corbyn visits sheep farm in Cumbria. Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted that farmers would be looked after if Britain were to leave Europe without a deal.

He said - contrary to reports the agriculture industry would perish - that "the people of this country are full of resolve and purpose and we will look after the farming sector".

"We will make sure they have the support that they need. If there are markets that are going to be tricky, that we help them to find new markets, that we have interventions that are aimed to support them and their incomes," he said.

Today Mr Corbyn said the 'stress' farmers are facing ahead of October 31 is unnecessary.