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Dog thinks she's an opera star

  • Credit: MEN Media

This crooning collie found undiscovered talents when a pair of travelling opera singers stayed at her owner's B&B in Dumfries and Galloway.

They thought Skye's 'Bach' was worse than her bite when she started joining in with their rehearsals in Sanquhar.

Amy and Stephanie Strachan are members of the Blackbird Opera group and were hitting the high notes when she decided to join in.

The Skye's the limit for this Paw-varotti, according to her owner Caroline McMillan who posted the clip online.

“Skye is loving our lodgers and has decided to give up work as a sheep dog and run away with the travelling opera.”

“I wasn’t surprised to see Skye doing it as she’s howled like that before but this was the first time I’ve seen her doing it in time with them singing. As the girls were hitting the high notes it’s almost as if she’s trying to match them."

– Caroline McMillan

Blackbird Opera is performing the Marriage of Figaro in various locations throughout the ITV Border region this weekend.