The weather has been good for the last August bank holiday weekend and that brought the crowds to events like Patterdale Dog Show.

It's an important date in the farming calendar and it now brings tourists to the area's businesses too.

Ola and his son Murray showed Patterdale why they represent England in the sheep dog trials.

"Udale Murray is very laid back and very easy going really so that probably helped a little bit today. He doesn't do anything in a big rush and a lot of sheep quite like that. Ola's a lot more experienced, he can be a little bit quicker and a bit sharper which somethimes is really uselful and sometimes not."

Tom Huddleston, Sheep Dog Owner

There's also judging of other breeds at Patterdale dog show.

The dogs are judged on how well they can do their job so the hounds need to be able to run on the fells and the terriers need to be small enough to fit down holes.

A hound called Crystal was this year's hound champion.

"Crystal's an un-entered fox hound, she's just turned two years old, she's an absolute nutcase: bouncy; happy go larry and yeah she just shows herself really well."

Ann Tyson, Hound Owner

This traditional show's now popular with tourists.

There are pet dog competitions too

A pet Spring Spaniel puppy on show in the young hander's competition Credit: ITV News Border

The sun shone and the dogs strutted their stuff.

"They're the hounds that's been running all season, they've been away walking with their owners, they come back and do a show and then we have working dogs, sheep dog trails and yeah it's very important to keep the local community all coming together and keeping a traditional show going."

Kevin Jackson, Patterdale Dog Show
A whippet is inspected in the young handler's comptition Credit: ITV News Border