Groom with multiple sclerosis hopes robot technology will give him a first dance

A couple from Dumfries who are getting married next year are hopeful that robotic technology could allow them to have a first dance as man and wife.

The groom-to-be has Multiple Sclerosis, and was chosen as one of just 20 people in the UK to take part in a clinical trial, in the South of England.

Credit: ITV News

The REX ex-skeleton lifts patients from a sitting position into a supported standing position, allowing them to carry out walking and stretching exercises.

Richard Aske-Haley says the trial has given him hope of dancing with his bride for the very first time:

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Richard's fiancee says she is so proud of how hard he has been working.

Credit: ITV News

The trial with the robotic technology is on the NHS, but it's at a hospital 400 miles from the couple's home in Dumfries.

Richard will have to make seven more trips to Kent to see the treatment through.

They are fundraising online to help pay for travel and accommodation, after being encouraged by family and friends: