Dumfries man says Lookaround report saved his life

A man from Dumfries says his life has been saved after getting checked for prostate cancer following an appeal that aired on Lookaround.

David Urquhart, who is in his 70s, was watching the programme at his home in October 2018.

He saw an interview with Roland Proudlock in which he called for all men to get checked after his own diagnosis.

  • Watch Roland's interview from October 2018.

David said: "Last October I was watching Lookaround and Roland Proudlock came on the telly to explain what he had gone through.

"He encouraged people who hadn't been checked to to do and so I decided the time was right to get all these checks done to see where I stood.

David didn't have any symptoms. His life was turned upside down by the diagnosis that followed.

He continued: "The consultant said I've got news for you that you really don't want to hear. You've got prostate cancer but it's also developed in your pelvic bone.

David will begin a four week stint of radiotherapy in October.

For the last three months he's been attending meetings of the 'Prostate Buddies' support group at the Dumfries Baptist Church.

The group is lead by six 'buddies' who have all had the same diagnosis.

They say sharing their experiences with cancer patients is extremely rewarding.

The group is lead by 'buddies' who have all had the same diagnosis. Credit: Prostate Buddies

Roland Proudlock, featured on Lookaround, founded Prostate Buddies in June 2019.

"David came into the meeting and I heard him asking for me.

"He came over and shook my hand and said I just wanted to thank you very much, you've saved my life.

"That was amazing, it was a great feeling. I did say if my words save one persons life my job is done and that's clearly what's happened there."

The Prostate Buddies group is continuing to grow. A new session has launched in Newton Stewart, they meet on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Dumfries group meets in the last Wednesday of every month.

  • If you feel you need a private chat before attending one of their monthly meetings, you can now call the Prostate Buddies helpline on 07856 899411/12/13/14 or 407.

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