Europe's biggest one-day ram sale is taking place in the Scottish Borders with nearly 5,500 tups ready to go under the hammer.

The annual Border Union Kelso Ram Sales traces back to the 1830s and sees thousands of livestock being bought and sold at Springwood Park.

It welcomes more than 10,000 flockmasters and spectators with auctions taking place in ten marquees across the day.

Around 20 breeds of sheep will be showcased including Texel from the Netherlands, British Suffolks and North Country Cheviot.

The event generated £2.9 million in sales in 2018, with a Shearling selling for £29,000 and a lamb going for £5000.

Credit: PA

Since it was established in 1838, the ram sale has only been cancelled on two occasions in 2001 and 2007 both a result of an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease.

Farmer Robin Bell's commitment to the sheep industry was recognised this morning as he was given the traditional honour to ring the bell, signalling the start of the annual ram sales.