Climate campaigners take to the Lakeland hills

Extinction Rebellion campaigners brought pink banners to Langdale. Credit: ITV News Border

Campaigners calling for more to be done to reverse climate change have taken their fight to the top of Cumbria.

They've been in the Langdale Hills asking the Government - and us individually - to do more.

"I sort of felt like washing my yoghurt pots and giving them to the council wasn't really enough anymore. Things need to be reversed because we're getting to the point where there's a tipping point and things can't be reversed and although the Government are saying they're going to reduce our carbon emissions by 2050 it's going to be too late."

Edward Carefoot, Extinction Rebellion South Lakes

The warming planet has led to storms in the Bahamas this summer as well as wildfires burning the Amazon Rainforest.

Closer to home, Cumbria has experienced flooding, most memorably during Storm Desmond in December 2015.

"And this is affecting farmland I think the cauliflower crop was severely affected during the summer there. And as time goes on you know next year the weather will be even worse."

John Scott, Extinction Rebellion South Lakes
Extinction Rebellion is a national climate change campaign group Credit: ITV News Border

The Government plans to bring our carbon emissions down.

Councils are recycling more than ever before.

Businesses have green plans to lower their carbon footprint. But these campaigners say it's not enough.

"The general premise at the moment is what's called green washing which is where you take things that you're already doing and put a green spin on them which is all well and good but you know you might as well not even bother if you're just going to you know reframe things that we're already doing."

Evie Plumb, Extinction Rebellion South Lakes

"And all of us need to think do we need that thing? Do we need that journey? Do we need an extra seven pairs of socks? Do we need these things? Do we need to go on holiday to Spain?"

Kate Sumsion, Extinction Rebellion South Lakes
They could be seen on Crinkle Crags, Harrison Stickle and Stickle Tarn Credit: ITV News Border

These campaigners have taken pink banners to beautiful places, asking us to cut our carbon emissions and protect the planet we live on.