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Confessions of a faithful liberal: Tim Farron speaks to us about his latest autobiography

Credit: Tim Farron

Former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has spoken to us about his new autobiography, in which he writes about the scrutiny he says he faced because of his christian faith.

In his book A Better Ambition: Confessions of a faithful liberal, the Westmorland and Lonsdale MP writes about how being a political leader and to live as a committed Christian at times felt "impossible".

When asked by our political reporter Martin Stew today if he regretted his faith becoming such a public issue the MP replied "none at all."

Farron quit as Liberal Democrat leader less than a week after the General Election in 2017.

He was challenged over his stance after The Observer said he failed to fully answer questions about gay sex when asked, which led to some people labelling him as homophobic.

The 47-year-old stood down hours after the party's senior front bench spokesman Lord Paddick quit in protest at Mr Farron's views.

Other MPs said at the time that his refusal to say whether gay sex is a sin was "offensive" and "would upset many people".

When he stepped down as Lib Dem leader Farron said "I seem to have been the subject of suspicion because of what I believe and who my faith is in."

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The former Liberal Democrats leader joked saying he chose a "quiet day" to launch his book earlier this month- the day Parliament voted against the Prime Minister's intentions to hold a general election.

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