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Bumper crowd for Kendal's Comic Art Festival

Thousands of people have attended the biggest ever Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal this weekend.

It's the 7th year it's been running and organisers think more people than ever before have attended.

"Normally you see them in big city centres, big comic cons and things like that. This is in a beautiful Lakeland market town and for one weekend in the year it turns into the most remarkable spectacle of comics and science fiction and monsters."

– Peter Kessler, Lakes International Comic Art Festival Chairman
It's the 7th festival and has attracted a bumper crowd of 12,000. Credit: ITV News Border
The Smurfs came to Kendal as it celebrates its 60th birthday. Credit: ITV News Border

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival draws artists and fans from all over the world.

Organisers think around 12,000 people have come this year to see artists like those working on the Smurfs, as the cartoon celebrates its 60th anniversary.

"We've got people coming from Belgium, Denmark, Congo, Canada."

– Peter Kezzler, Lakes International Comic Art Festival Chairman

"And it just feels like it's really found its place. We've got many more international guests than we've had before and many more people coming and definitely more local people, which is one of the most important things for me."

– Julie Tait, Lakes International Comic Art Festival Director

"This is my second time coming to Kendal for the festival and I'm really happy, it's such a beautiful place and you know this is a really good festival."

– Junko Mizuno, Japanese Comic Artist
You can see artists draw live and talk about their work Credit: ITV News Border

Comic Art has a niche audience, bringing people to Kendal who might not otherwise come to the town.

Most need somewhewre to stay and all need to eat so it brings millions of pounds to the town's economy.