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Pair jailed for beating man in "ferocious and sadistic" metal bar attack

Luke Canning and Jordan Jenkinson have been jailed for a combined total of nearly 30 years Credit: Cumbria Police

Two men have been jailed for carrying out an attack with a metal bar that left their victim seriously injured.

Luke Canning, 22, and 26-year-old Jordan Jenkinson mounted a vicious joint revenge assault on Richard Wilkinson, who was initially involved in an early hours row outside Kendal pub Smokies on March 30.

Mr Wilkinson had left that area, returning with a 2ft-long metal dumb bell and head-butting Canning. But when 33-year-old Mr Wilkinson was pursued through an alleyway to nearby Waterside, the weapon was taken off him and used by Canning to deliver 18 brutal body blows. Two local residents rushed to Mr Wilkinson's aid, including one man in his pyjamas who disarmed Canning, who then fled.

An experienced pathologist later examined evidence of Mr Wilkinson's life-changing injuries and concluded he also received a minimum of 13 other blows to the head and face, including stamps and kicks. She stated his injuries were "serious and severe, and would undoubtedly have caused immense pain and suffering".

Mr Wilkinson suffered multiple facial and rib fractures. He lost teeth - two of which were found at the scene - was left scarred and had a metal plate fitted to his jaw. He had no memory of the attack and underwent surgery during a nine-day hospital stay.

"He has daily thoughts of feeling he would be better off dead," prosecutor Jeremy Grout-Smith told today's Carlisle Crown Court sentencing hearing of the impact on Mr Wilkinson, who had added: "I am not the same person I used to be, and fear that I never will be."

Canning, of Bridge Street, Burneside, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Jenkinson, of Lound Road, Kendal, denied that charge but was convicted, unanimously, after a trial. Both were cleared of alleged attempted murder.

Judge James Adkin concluded both were dangerous offenders as he jailed Canning for nine-and-a-half years and Jenkinson for 12 years, ordering them to serve extended four-year licence periods. Both must serve two-thirds of their jail terms before being considered for release.

"You subjected him to a ferocious and sadistic punishment beating," Judge Adkin told the pair. "The sadistic element of this was the intensity of the violence and continuation of the violence when Mr Wilkinson was obviously defenceless and in agony."

He told Canning: "If you had not been disarmed this attack would have continued with life-threatening consequences."

“This was an extremely violent incident which could easily have resulted in a fatality. Fortunately the victim was able to quickly receive medical treatment.

“This attack has had a lasting impact on the victim and although he has recovered from some of the horrific injuries he suffered, his recovery will be a lengthy process and he still has little memory of the incident.

“Jenkinson made efforts to evade capture by travelling to the Merseyside area following the incident. He has shown little remorse for his violent actions, while Canning throughout admitted to causing the victim grievous bodily harm with intent. They both deserve their time in prison.

“I would like to pass on my gratitude to the witnesses involved in this case, their courage to come forward and the evidence they provided has delivered justice and helped convict two dangerous men.”

– Detective Superintendent Vicki Ellis, Cumbria Police