A rural community in Cumbria has welcomed a brand new minibus dedicated to helping isolated people get around.

The Northern Fells Group operates a dial-up service for residents living around the Caldbeck area. It's a place with virtually no public transport because of a lack of local bus services.

It works by the passenger first ringing up and letting a co-ordinator know when they need the service. The minibus will then collect passengers from their own home.

It collects around 100 passengers a month.

The new bus cost just over £28,000 to buy. The money was found from grants.

It was officially unveiled by the High Sheriff of Cumbria, Marcia Reid Fotheringham.

The bus has been running since 1999, and Northern Fells has had several minibuses over the past 20 years.

The fare is worked out at 30 pence a mile, which helps pay for the ten thousand pounds a year running costs, but the service also relies on fund-raising.

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