Ewe won't believe it: Sheep rescued from 60ft waterfall

  • Footage from the RSPCA

Fire officers and the RSPCA teamed up to rescue a sheep stuck on top of a 60ft waterfall in Cumbria.

Walkers couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted the animal perched next to the river in the Falls area in Ambleside.

Animal welfare officer Nick Green said, "The ewe was in a precarious position right at the top of the waterfall. There was a 60ft drop and the rocks she was standing on were all covered in moss and looked quite slippery. She was in a perilous situation.

“This was a risky rescue so we had to move carefully so as not to fall and injure ourselves or spook her.

The sheep was found stranded at the top of a waterfall, near Ambleside. Credit: RSPCA

The team were able to climb down and use ropes to lift her to safety. She wasn't hurt during the rescue and was returned to a nearby field.

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