Archbishop of York tours Cumbria

The Archbishop of York is visiting Cumbria on his final farewell tour before retiring next Summer.

As first chancellor of the University of Cumbria, Dr. John Sentamu will be speaking to students about the future of the University, and some of the challenges facing the region.

He has held the position for more more than 12 years. The tour will see the chancellor and vice chancellor tour the county, visiting BAE systems, Barrow in the south, Windermere Jetty in the Lakes, Energus to the west and culminating in a youth conference at university headquarters in Carlisle.

Credit: PA

The University of Cumbria Vice Chancellor Professor Julie Mennell said:

“The University of Cumbria was established in 2007 as an anchor higher education institution for Cumbria and the wider region, focused on raising young people’s aspirations and attainment levels and to address the higher-level skills needs of Cumbria.

“Twelve years on, thirty-three thousand graduates later, with recently awarded research degree awarding powers, the university has delivered significant impact in Cumbria, particularly in relation to health, education, environment and the arts.

“As our first chancellor, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, has supported us on this journey. It therefore seems a fitting tribute to share with him our impact to date and to provide our young people with the opportunity to share their views of current and future needs.

“I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the chancellor for his enduring support and guidance over the years. He leaves behind a strong platform and values-base for us to continue to build on.”

The Archbishop of York announced he will be retiring from his post – the second most important in the Church of England - in June 2020.

Dr John Sentamu was enthroned as archbishop in 2005 and will step down three days before his 71st birthday.

He fled his native Uganda in the 1970s before studying at Cambridge University. During his time in the UK, he was tipped for the top role of Archbishop of Canterbury but commentators agreed his time had passed after Justin Welby was given the top job in 2013.

As he announced his retirement, he said he would continue to work in the “facilitation of conversations” as Yorkshire tried to find a devolution arrangement acceptable to towns and cities in the region as well as the Government.

The time in Cumbria is part of a "farewell" tour.