Nigel Farage visits Cumbria in attempt to win over 'Workington man'

The Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage visited Cumbria in an attempt to win-over key voters in the upcoming election.

On his visit he said he thinks the 'Workington man' is a 'load of patronising cobblers to people who live in Workington and this part of the country'

Right-of-centre think tank Onward identified "Workington man" as representative of the type of voters the Tories need to target to gain a majority: white, non-graduate rugby league fans from traditionally Labour-voting, Leave-backing northern England towns.

Mr Farage's nationwide tour kick-started the Brexit Party's election campaign.

Nigel Farage will not be standing as a candidate at the General Election.

The Brexit Party leader said he believes he can better serve his cause by "traversing the length and breadth" of the UK campaigning, instead of fighting to get elected in one constituency.

He has previously lost on seven occasions when bidding to become an MP.