As young people become increasingly aware of the issues of pollution and climate change, one little boy in Carlisle has persuaded his pals to do their bit for the environment.

Six-year-old animal-lover Noah Rae has always been passionate about saving the planet, and he's persuaded his friends to keepBishop Harvery Goodwin School rubbish free.

They venture onto the school-yard every single break-time to pick up litter. Noah says: "They are not being good to God's planet and all that God has made."

Noah's mum says: "I am extremely proud. I mean, for their age, six-years-old to be so concerned about the environment and it is not just in school as well. Noah wants to pick up rubbish everywhere we go."

Mrs Nuttall, headteacher of Bishop Harvey Goodwin School Credit: ITV Border

Noah's decided to take his passion to the playground after watching the David Attenborough documentary 'Our Planet.'

Headteacher Mrs Nuttall praises the boys: "They are also sharing their thoughts and ideas with people in the class and across the school about how we can keep our school tidy using the bins and making sure that snack time and playtime the litter goes in the bin."

Friends of the Earth say that it is exactly this kind of micro-activism is exactly what is needed to address climate change.

Noah and his friends think litter picking is fun, and hope their efforts are helping to keep animals safe as well as the yard spic and span.

The message from these little litter pickers is: "Don't Drop Rubbish!"

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