A young boy has been speaking about the moment he was nearly swept away by flood water ten years ago.

Corey Doyle was eight days old when his home in Workington flooded, forcing his family to leave their cottage, which was several feet underwater.

As they were leaving, Corey's mum stumbled and almost dropped the baby car seat that he was sleeping in. Thankfully, a police officer caught Corey, saving him from being dragged away by the strong current.

Speaking about her actions that day, Corey said: "thank you for everything that you've done and saving me."

"Every year we speak quite a bit about it."

Corey, who became locally known as the miracle flood baby, brought a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings to tell his friends at school about the 2009 floods.

Sandra Stainton, a teacher at Ashfield Junior School said: "As children grow older and things change, it's good that they remember what happened in the past, and by Corey bringing this in it enables the children to identify that it happened when they were Corey's age.

"The families of these children will never forget what happened, it's something that will never leave them. It's really good that they have an affinity with him so they can go with him on that journey while looking through his scrapbook."

An aerial view of flood damaged area in Workington as floods submerge large parts of Cumbria. Credit: PA

The police officer, who does not want to be identified, won a national award for the bravery that saved Corey's life that night.