Labour 'battle-bus' targets Cumbrian voters

Labour rolled out its election battle bus in Cumbria today hoping to turn around the Conservatives' lead in the polls.

The leader of the Unite Union has admitted leave supporting Northern towns and the perceived unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn are the Labour Party's achilles heel.

Ian Lavery said that Cumbrian supporters shouldn't read too much into the fact that it wasn't Jeremy Corbyn visiting the region, and denied that the party was changing its strategy in pro-Brexit areas.

When asked what side Labour was on when it came to Brexit, Ian Lavery responded that the party had a "simple message" but that "it isn't the main issue that people are talking about, and people are talking about everything else other than Brexit."

For the Labour party, putting power back in the hands of the people means having a second Brexit referendum.

Credit: ITV Border