During this election campaign ITV Representing Border has spoken to each of the Scottish party leaders in depth about their policies: from Brexit, to independence, to investment in the south of Scotland.

You can watch the full interviews below.

Willie Rennie's interview took place in Hawick Credit: ITV Border
  • Richard Leonard (Scottish Labour) - Peter MacMahon questions Labour's Richard Leonard on a second independence referendum, Brexit and why his party has failed to act on the Dumfries and Galloway councillor suspended after admitting he made racist comments

Richard Leonard's interview took place in Lockerbie. Credit: ITV Border
  • Jackson Carlaw (Scottish Conservatives) - Peter MacMahon questions Jackson Carlaw on his opposition to another independence vote, on how Brexit could mean a border in the Irish Sea and if Scots really can trust Boris Johnson

Jackson Carlaw Credit: ITV Border
  • Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) - Peter MacMahon questions Nicola Sturgeon on her call to hold referendums on Europe and independence within the next twelve months. He also asks the First Minister about doing deals with Jeremy Corbyn, and her government's record on investing in the South of Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon's interview took place in Lockerbie Credit: ITV Border