A Georgian townhouse that inspired the fairytale Peter Pan has been named one of the 'coolest places' to visit by Time Magazine.

Moat Brae is a national centre for children's literature and aims to promote and encourage imagination and creativity in everyone who steps inside.

J.M. Barrie, the Scottish author of Peter Pan, is said to have played in the house as a child which opened to the public in June.

An Ice hotel Jukkasjärvi, in Sweden, and the Statue of Liberty Museum, in New York, are just some of the attractions on the list of the World's Coolest Places.

J.M. Barrie grew up in the town of Dumfries and spent a lot of time in the once private house.

The impressive building is said to have been the inspiration to the famous story of Peter Pan and Wendy, which now echoes in the rooms that are open to the public.

Moat Brae Credit: ITV Border

Dr Simon Davidson, Moat Brae’s Centre Director said:

"One of our key objectives was create an attraction for Dumfries that people from all over the world would want to come to learn about our phenomenal history and to be inspired to find the creative spark within themselves.

"Receiving this kind of recognition in the first few months since opening is a huge endorsement, particularly as the Time for Kids’ list has been chosen by young readers and Kid Reporters.

"J.M. Barrie, wrote ‘I’m not young enough to know everything’ and if young readers and writers think we are so cool it must mean we are getting something right.

"The people of Dumfries should be really proud that their wee corner of the world has inspired some of the world’s greatest literature from Burns to the most widely known and well-loved children’s story of all time – Peter Pan.”