Ram-arkable! Care home on cloud nine thanks to lamb visit

A care home in Dumfries and Galloway has found a new way to entertain the residents.

Westfield in Lockerbie arranged for Valais Blacknose sheep to visit some of the people living there.

A clip shared online of a resident walking a fluffy lamb down the corridor has generated more than 50,000 views on Facebook.

Lisa Dodd, the Deputy Manager of Westfield Care Home says they've had a great response from residents. Many of them lived and worked on farms - so seeing the animals now helps them reconnect with their past

The home are trying to find new and creative ways to entertain those living there with alternative therapies, animals and visits from the local nursery.

Valais Blacknose sheep Credit: PA

The rare type of sheep is dubbed "the cutest in the world" and are now thriving in our region - having becoming the fastest growing sheep breed in the UK.

The Valais Blacknose are originally from the Swiss Alps - and are characterised by their thick coarse wool and dark wooly faces.