Scottish Secretary: there will be some NI-GB checks after Brexit

The Secretary of State for Scotland has said there will be some checks on goods moving from Northern Ireland to Great Britain, after the Prime Minister's Brexit deal has been implemented.

In an interview with ITV Representing Border Alister Jack said: "goods coming from Northern Ireland into the UK, if it's for health or animals, plants, those goods will be checked at either Larne or Belfast, but there will be no checks at Cairnryan", appearing to contradict Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister has previously insisted there will be no checks for goods travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Alister Jack also defended the UK Government's austerity programme, when asked whether it had been a mistake.

The Scottish Secretary said it was "housekeeping... to sort out the country's finances", and that "true austerity" happened after the first and second world wars.

Austerity, which we had from 2008 after the financial crash, actually, in real terms, was reducing government spending by one pound in a hundred. That's what it was. I mean true austerity is what happened after the first war or the second war, what we had to do was housekeeping, we had to sort out the country's finances."

Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland

Alister Jack is standing in the General Election as the Scottish Conservative candidate for Dumfries and Galloway.

Richard Arkless is the SNP candidate for the constituency.

The Scottish Labour candidate is Ted Thompson.

McNabb Laurie is the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate.