Pupils in the Scottish Borders go green this Christmas

Students fromStow Primary in the Borders have been making their own, environmentally friendly crackers, to show a green Christmas can still go with a bang.

So far, the Christmas table accessories have proved popular with the community. The school has had to put a stop on orders to be ready for Christmas. Students expect to make around 400 crackers before the big day.

Credit: ITV Border

In class the children have been learning about the importance of reusing and recycling materials. After looking at existing crackers, they discovered some parts couldn’t be recycled and wanted to do something about it.

With a little bit of help from parents and teachers the students created their own, made out of paper and containing zero plastic.

The small plastic toys found inside have been replaced with metal whistles, seeds to plant, fabric friendship bracelets and jokes printed on biodegradable paper.

Credit: ITV Border
Credit: ITV Border

And it’s not just crackers. Teachers have been encouraging the children to be greener this Christmas by swapping festive jumpers with each other and making their own decorations, including snowmen made out of wood.

Students and staff hope these small changes will have a big impact on family habits and on the wider community.