Farmers benefit from specialised first-aid training

Farmers are being offered specialised first-aid courses in Carlisle to try to reduce the number of fatalities suffered by the industry.

Figures show farming is one of the most high-risk industries to work in, with 32 people killed in the UK in the last year alone. It is one of the most high-risk industries, and people are seven times more likely to be injured on a farm than on a building site.

Being crushed by a quad bike is one of the most common injuries on farm, along with being trampled by cattle or trapping a limb in machinery. There are also dangers associated with working with flammable fertilisers, and coming into contact with live electricity wires.

The specialised first aid course for farmers was the idea of former vet Colin Lindsay. Credit: ITV Border

The idea came from Colin Lindsay who witnessed many injuries during his time as a vet.

Nigel Todhunter, a farmer who attended the event told ITV Border, "we've had an accident on the farm and had the air ambulance. It's an industry that's dangerous, and accidents do happen and it's important to know what to do and what not to do in a situation".

Credit: ITV Border

On the course, farmers re-enacted real life scenarios and were given potentially life-saving advice. They were also encouraged to download an app that could help the emergency services locate them in remote locations, and shown military inspired first-aid kits that include tourniquets.

On the course farmers were encouraged to consider military style first-aid kits that contain tourniquets. Credit: ITV Border

It's that golden half hour or hour period and the drive of the course is to stabilise the patient while the air ambulance or regular ambulance is arriving and that first half hour can save lives.

Colin Lindsay, course organiser

A similar course in Sweden saw farming fatalities drop by 50%, and there are plans for more of these elsewhere in the country.

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