80 years on: HMS Cumberland veteran remembers the Battle of the River Plate

It is 80 years since one of the first major sea battles of the Second World War - the Battle of the River Plate.

It took place in the Atlantic Ocean, when a group of British Navy warships chased the German pocket battleship Graf Spee into a harbour in South America, before the German crew sank their own ship to stop it being captured.

HMS Cumberland, named in honour of the county and built at the Vickers Armstrong yard in south Cumbria, was part of the British fleet that defeated the German Navy in the battle.

We spoke to 101-year-old Victor Burgess, one of the few remaining WW2 veterans, who was aboard HMS Cumberland.

He was interviewed by historian and author Gary Bridson-Daley, who has carried out more than 100 interviews with Second World War veterans as part of a project called ''Debt of Gratitude''.

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