Vandals trash Workington speedway track

Vandals have caused thousands of pounds' worth of damage at Northside speedway track in Workington over Christmas.

Owners say it's the third time in 12 months that they've been targeted.

Motorbikes and equipment worth thousands of pounds were taken, before the thieves torched the storage container they were housed in. It was were still smouldering when a dog walker stumbled across the burnt-out remains.

Andrew Bain said, "I got a phone call on Boxing Day to say that the containers were on fire and that the track had been broken into, so I came through at half nine in the morning. It was just devastating, generators had been pinched, air-blowers and motorbikes. We walked further round and the track had been broken into at the start gates, we walked into the cafe and it had been trashed."

Police are urging anyone with any information to come forward.

Inspector Rachel Gale of Cumbria Police told ITV Border: "This is a really serious crime because it doesn't just affect the local community, there's a whole national community of people who use the speedway. It's quite likely that somebody in that community has some information, I'd really urge anybody to get in contact to help us try and solve this crime and prevent anything like this happening again in the future."

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