How volunteers are helping animals injured in Australian bush fires

From thousands of miles away, crafters in the Border region are doing their part to help animals that have been burnt by the wildfires in Australia.

Devastated by what's happening in their homeland, Helen Brisbane and her daughter Katerina spurred into action. They appealed on Facebook for donations of fabric which they say will be crucial to the recovery of injured animals.

It is estimated that almost half a billion have been killed and thousands have been seriously injured in the fast-spreading fires.

Those that have managed to survive now need man-made snuggly homes. Volunteers who spotted Helen's the post on Facebook have been dedicating their time knitting and sewing materials that can be made to make into joey pouches, koala mittens and bat wraps.

They appealed on Facebook for fabric donations. Credit: ITV News

It's part of an international movement by The Animal Rescue Craft Guild who are asking volunteers to make koala mittens, bat wraps, joey pouches, bird nets and possum boxes.

Helen Brisbane said: "These are very unique items. You can’t go to a supermarket or Amazon and buy a nest for a stricken micro-bat. It has to be made by a crafter.

"My daughter put the post on facebook asking people for any donationsor used sheets or anything else that we could use to create what was needed for the wildlife."

For more on how you can help and to find patterns for the items the group needs most, visit the Animal Rescue Craft Guild’s Facebook page.