Police crackdown on drivers using mobile phones

Police in Cumbria are trying to clampdown on driving offences. They've been carrying out a series of operations targeting a range of crimes including people using mobile phones at the wheel and speeding.

Mobile phone driving laws have been in place since 2003, but seventeen years on people using a phone at the wheel is still one of the most common causes of driving offences.

Last year three road deaths happened in Cumbria when a driver was using a mobile phone or was distracted, and another 32 people were injured.

Using phones at the wheel can lead to death and serious injury as in the case of driver Peter Morrison on the M6 in 2016. He was jailed for seven years for speeding and sending phone messages before the crash. One man died and another now needs to use a wheelchair.

There's been an extra focus over the last few days but Police are stressing that they're out every week trying to stop offences and make the roads safer.

Credit: ITV Border

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