• By Dumfries and Galloway reporter Lewis Warner

To say that Heather Owens has had a rough time lately is probably an understatement.

The pub she's been running for 16 years has been closed since November following an accidental cooker fire.

Since then she's lost more than £20,000 in takings but she's continued to pay her staff.

As if her beloved pub ravaged by fire wasn't enough, it was then hit by floodwater when the Whitesands broke its banks just before Christmas, hampering repair work.

Credit: Heather Owens

Talking about her run of bad luck, Heather said: "I got a phone call just after 5 o'clock to say that the pub was on fire and could I come and open the doors.

"By this time the fire brigade were all here, they'd smashed in the side door, the ceilings were down and upstairs the roof was on fire.

"It was a very distressing time."

With all of this going on, Heather spent part of Christmas in hospital having broken both of her wrists.

Credit: Heather Ownes

Some of her friends and customers decided to step in and help by organising a charity gig in which some of the bands who regularly play at the pub raised more than £2,000.

Musician David Bass said: "The Coach and Horses is a place where you can experiment with different sounds or bands and try things out.

'It's a place where young people can play and learn their craft and they can see older people play. It's a great community place."

Credit: David Bass

Heather hopes to re-open the doors to the Coach and Horses on Friday in time for the Big Burns Supper.

The building has been here since the 1600's and this community isn't going to let it go anywhere yet.