Gaelic could be included on Dumfries road signs

Proposals to include the Gaelic language on signs welcoming drivers to Dumfries and Galloway will go before councillors next week.

The idea has been suggested by a group of Gaelic speakers who want the region to champion its heritage.

  • Report by Dumfries & Galloway reporter, Lewis Warner

Under this proposal the 20 signs would only be replaced as part of a routine maintenance programme or if they get damaged. So, in theory, it won't cost any more money.

Gaelic Statistics

According to the 2011 Census, 87,100 people aged 3 and over in Scotland had some Gaelic language skills that are just 1.7% of the population.

  • Of these 87,100 people:32,400 (37%) had full skills in Gaelic, that is could understand, speak, read and write Gaelic;

  • 57,600 (66%) could speak Gaelic;

  • 6,100 (7%) were able to read and/or write but not speak Gaelic; and

  • 23,400 (27%) were able to understand Gaelic but could not speak, read or write it.

The Communities Committee at Dumfries & Galloway Council is set to vote on the proposals on Tuesday.