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Sturgeon: SNP ready to ramp up case for 'better future' with independence

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The SNP is ready to "ramp up" its campaign to persuade Scots to choose independence, Nicola Sturgeon said, as she accused the Tories of "goading" Scotland.

The party leader spoke in Edinburgh on the day the UK officially leaves the EU, which she said would be a "moment of profound sadness" for many.

Ms Sturgeon said a "different, better" future is open to Scotland with independence. She added: "Our task is to persuade a majority of people in Scotland to choose it.

Our party campaign is therefore ready to ramp up.

– Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister

"We aim to double the SNP campaign budget this year to support new independence materials, local newspaper adverts and a new campaign film focused on undecided voters.

"And it is vital that as we campaign we listen and engage respectfully."

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Ms Sturgeon claimed there is no line Boris Johnson will not cross to preventScots from having their say on the country's future.

She said: "It's not just his dismissal of election results in Scotland and his derision at votes in the Scottish Parliament.

"This week he described considered, consensus-driven Scottish Government proposals on migration as 'deranged'.

"The Tories are not governing Scotland - they are goading Scotland."

Scots support leaving the UK, according to YouGov poll.
Nicola Sturgeon outline Scottish independence plans on Brexit day. Credit: PA

The speech at Dynamic Earth came the day after a YouGov poll put support among Scots for leaving the UK at 51%.

Pressure on the union has been mounting since Scots voted to stay in the European Union in 2016.

The Scottish Parliament this week voted in favour of a second independence referendum.