Fresh warning for dog owners after livestock attack

A police have issued a fresh warning to dog owners after sheep were injured on a farm in Dumfries and Galloway.

Livestock worrying is a big, and often devastating, problem for farming communities across the region, particularly at this time of the year when many farms are preparing for lambing season

Dogs attacking or chasing farm animals can be a criminal offence and it is the responsibility of the person or owner to control their pet.

"Farmers are within their right to shoot dogs found to be worrying sheep or livestock on their land, to prevent any or further injury", said a spokesperson from the force.

Police ask dog owners to consider the following points when out walking:

A National Farmers Union of Scotland campaign in 2019 encouraged a change in the behaviour of dog owners who don't keep their pets on leads around livestock.

A survey conducted by the union highlighted the issue, with 72% of 340 responses claiming they had experienced worrying on their land, and most feeling the current protection in place is not good enough.