"Pull your finger out, and bring them home" - that's the message from a Cumbrian MP who is urging the Foreign Office to help two emergency service workers who are stranded abroad.

Rosie Addison, who is a nurse, and Jenny Addison, who is a police officer, have been trying for almost two weeks to fly home from the Philippines.

The sisters were scheduled to begin their journey home to Cumbria from the on March 14, but now the key workers are stuck in Dubai after spending thousands of pounds on flights that were cancelled.

With no information and little food and water, they desperately appealed to the government to get them home so they can help their colleagues on the front line.

Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron said: “We’re doing everything we can to get Rosie and Jenny back home. This morning we’ve been on the phone to the Foreign Office and to Emirates to try and get them a flight back as soon as possible.

“I’m also desperately concerned that Rosie and Jenny haven’t been well taken care of, they haven’t been fed terribly well or terribly often and the information they are getting from the British Consulate is scant if not non-existent.

“My message to the Foreign Office is imagine if these were your daughters going through this horrific experience.

“Let’s make sure we get Rosie and Jenny back home so they can be with their family and out there doing the jobs they love, keeping us safe.

“I say to the British Foreign Office: pull your finger out and bring them home.”