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The brighter side of life on lockdown in the Border region

As we all get used to life on lockdown, people are coming up with ideas to stay safe and entertained as well as keeping minds and bodies sharp.

Take a look at our selection of the wonderful, heartwarming, and hilarious ways in which people have been keeping up their spirits.

  • Critical care nurse writes a song about coronavirus

Mum of two, Anne-Marie, is in charge of the Critical Care Unit at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, and is on the front line of the coronavirus crisis.

The key worker has rewritten and performed her version of the song 'Belter' by Scottish singer Gerry Cinnamon, and has turned it into a piece about the NHS and fighting Covid-19.

It has more than 150,000 views on Facebook and counting.

  • Young Farmers take on the toilet roll challenge
  • Time to s-marten up

The sight of pine martens has amazed thousands of people on Twitter this week.

The nocturnal mustelidae are notoriously difficult to spot, but not for Patrick Laurie who was sitting in his truck having a coffee when two ran past.

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  • Clap4Carers

Last Thursday, the region thanked NHS staff working hard through the coronavirus outbreak.

In a gesture of appreciation to frontline medical personnel and key workers, people across southern Scotland and Cumbria joined in on a mass round of applause from their doorsteps, windows and balconies.

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  • Lambs born in the Scottish Borders

Lockdown life has made us all forget that it's Spring! Days are getting lighter and warmer and daffodils are beaming.

The Jacksons in Jedburgh shared this glorious clip of three lambs being born on the farm.

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  • Training in isolation

This rugby team from Earlston High School in the Scottish Borders have had to get creative with their training sessions.

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  • "We'll meet again"

Care homes across our region have been in lockdown for a number of weeks, but they're still finding inspiring ways to stay in good spirit while their families are unable to visit.

Alma McFadyen Care Centre, in Dalbeattie, is just one of them. This video circulating on social media shows the entire home joining in on a singalong to Vera Lynn's "We'll meet again".

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  • Lockdown messages to loved ones

Residents at Burnfoot Hall and Coach House Care home, in Ecclefechen, sent heartwarming messages to their loved ones who can't visit.

Pictures of the hand-written notes were posted on social media and have been shared hundreds of times.

Credit: Burnfoot Care Home
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