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Artist makes hundreds of glass hearts for NHS staff on the front line

The original goal was to make seven hearts, but it's turned into hundreds. Credit: Suzanne Burgess

An artist from Cumbria is making hundreds of glass hearts for NHS workers to show they're appreciated during the coronavirus outbreak

Suzanne Burgess has made 300 for staff at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and is preparing a batch of 100 for one of the worst hit hospitals in London.

She originally had a request for just seven, but is now making the hearts for all the staff in the hospital that are looking after Covid-19 patients.

Suzanne's customers have donated money to cover her costs and she has roped in her husband to help make them.

Some of the staff from North Middlesex University Hospital who received my glass hearts. Credit: Suzanne Burgess

Suzanne wanted to create something that can be easily cleaned and pocket. She said: "My passion is glass, so I thought why don’t I make small glass hearts that you can put in your pocket when you’ve finished your shift - at A&E or intensive care - dealing with Covid-19 patients.

"And you’ll [NHS workers] know when you go home that somebody is caring about what you’re doing and really appreciates it.”

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