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Heartwarming moment police officer sings happy birthday to seven-year-old in lockdown

Credit: Barrow Police

A police officer in Cumbria found out that there was a 7-year-old stuck in on his birthday, so he decided to try and cheer him up a little bit.

PC Wallbank, of Barrow Police, took time away from his shift to sing "Happy Birthday" to the young boy who is confined to his house during the coronavirus lockdown.

Wallbank sang to him from the street outside his house and even gave him a present before getting back into his police car and driving away.

The clip, shared by the force, has went viral with thousands of people liking and sharing the heartwarming moment.

Here's the clip!

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Dozens of people have commented on the video. One person said: "This is policing in our community - only took a few minutes of the officer's time but that little boy will never forget this day"

Another said: "What a great thing to do. It’s hard having a child who’s birthday is during this lockdown, my daughters 4 next week and it breaks my heart she won’t see her family."

One more said: "This is good stuff. Nice one PC Wallbank and well done Barrow Police for making the day that little bit brighter."

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