First photos of temporary coronavirus hospitals in Cumbria

The first photos of temporary hospitals for patients recovering from coronavirus in Cumbria have been released.

Work has now begun to turn four Cumbrian leisure centres and a school into makeshift hospitals.

The facilities in Carlisle, Whitehaven, Penrith, Kendal and Barrow will provide 500 beds for those recovering from the virus to free up more space in Cumbria's hospitals.

Credit: MOD Crown

The military has been called in to set them up for NHS staff and volunteers to run if they become needed.

Health workers are still concentrating on the work in Cumbria's existing hospitals, with the main focus on increasing the amount of coronavirus tests.

  • Colin Cox, Director of Public Health, Cumbria County Council.

The centres that will be turned into field hospitals are:

  • Sands Centre in Carlisle

  • Penrith Leisure centre

  • Whitehaven Sports Centre

  • Kendal Leisure Centre

  • Furness Academy in Barrow

Cumbria Police have stressed the facilities are to allow the county to prepare for the worst case scenario, and they're still hoping they won't need to be used.

The newly converted NHS hospital for coronavirus patients has been officially opened on Friday by the Prince of Wales, despite him being hundreds of miles away.

NHS Nightingale, inside the huge ExCel Conference Centre in East London, will provide an initial 500 beds to relieve pressure on the NHS.

Prince Charles performed the opening of the hospital via video link, as he is recovering from his coronavirus diagnosison the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire.

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