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Meet the Penrith postman doing his rounds in fancy dress to lift spirits

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  • Video report by Hannah McNulty

For many families, a postman may be the only person that they will see every day and one is on a mission to lift their spirits.

Penrith postman, Simon Richardson, has become a legend in his community by bringing a smile to people's faces.

After seeing the mood the customers on his rounds change after the lockdown, Simon came up with a cunning plan to make each day brighter for everyone he sees.

The 40-year-old decided to dress up as a postbox while delivering his letters - a job which now takes twice as long, as people are stopping to chat and take photos of him.

Credit: Simon Richardson

It just shows that we’re all in it together and we’re gonna come out the other side of it."

– Simon Richardson, Royal Mail

Like his colleagues, he is observing strict social distancing and hygiene guidance amid the coronavirus crisis as he makes deliveries to householders.

“The managers were like, yeah, fine, it will bring a smile to people’s faces,” said Simon. “The amount of people who’ve said ‘the last few weeks have been terrible but, honest, you’ve made me laugh so much’; and that’s nice, isn’t it?

”It’s just nice to see people laugh and smile.”

The lighter side of life on lockdown

Simon admitted it was taking him longer than usual to deliver his mail, but said he was buoyed by people of all ages waving, taking photographs and wishing him well - all from a safe distance away.

“I don’t think I could do it every day. I’m just on foot, I couldn’t drive with this thing on!” he added. “It’s been one of my best days, without a doubt. I’m running on adrenaline - I haven’t had anything to eat since 5:30am!”

Credit: Simon Richardson

On a Facebook post online, one woman who is on Simon's round said: "I left a note on the door to let him know how much he cheered me up this morning."

Another said: "I love that guy, he's my favourite postie. He always brightens my day."

"Thank god for our sense of humour and these heroes", a happy customer commented.

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