Your photos: Pink Supermoon

Stargazing enthusiasts have been marvelling at the emergence of a pink supermoon in the night skies over the UK.

Across Cumbria and the south of Scotland, people have being grabbing cameras and smartphones to try and record the lunar light show on Tuesday evening.

Here's some of our favourites:

  • Steve Draper

  • Rob and Hannah McNulty, Carlisle

  • Mary Walker, Penrith

Credit: Mary Walker
  • Our reporter Lewis Warner, Dumfries.

  • Ian Kellett, Cumwhinton

Credit: Ian Kellett
  • Dabhand's Blog, Dumfries and Galloway

Credit: Dabhand's Blog
  • The Old Croft House, Kirkby Stephen.

Credit: The Old Croft House
  • Becky Jo Whitwell, Kendal.

Credit: Becky Jo Whitwell
  • Border Life's Graham Stothard, near Carlisle.

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