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Cumbria Police issue record fines for breaking virus lockdown rules

Credit: Cumbria Roads Police

Cumbria Police have issued a record number of fines in the Bank Holiday period after breaches of the Coronavirus lockdown rules.

On Friday, the Bank Holiday VE Day, they issued 42 fines, the most they've issued in one day.

The Cumbria Roads Policing Unit have also stopped people travelling through the county from as far away as Southend-on-Sea and London.

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One man was stopped whilst driving from London to Aberdeen to see his cousin.

Meanwhile, Cumbria Police and the Lake District National Park Authority say that they are monitoring carparks and laybys to check for people travelling to the Lakes from outside the area.

A number of fines for breaching Coronavirus rules were issued in Wasdale yesterday after a group had travelled there from Windermere, a round trip of nearly four hours.

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