The First Minister has announced that the Scottish Government will lift some restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown, entering phase one of the route map on May 28.

More outdoor activity will be allowed, letting people sit in parks with peoplefrom one other household while observing social distancing.

Golf, tennis, bowls, fishing and other non-contact outdoor activities will beable to resume, along with allowing people to travel a short distance to takepart in recreation.

Nicola Sturgeon also announced from August 11 all schools in Scotland will reopen.

She told MSPs that children will return to a "blended model ofpart-time in-school and part-time at-home learning".

Teachers and other school staff will return during June to prepare classrooms for the new term.

During June and over the summer, an increased number of children will have access to critical childcare and the Scottish Government will provide"transition support for children going into primary 1 or moving from primary 7to secondary school".

She added: "To reflect the fact that children will still be doing part oftheir learning at home, we are going to invest a further £30 million to providelaptops for disadvantaged children and young people to study online. "

Addressing the Scottish Parliament, the First Minister said that the currentlockdown was "creating harms of its own".

These harms are "loneliness and social isolation, deepening inequalities andserious damage to the economy", Nicola Sturgeon said.

She said that the route map published on Thursday is "high level" and thatfurther advice will be made available over the coming days.

She added: "Today we are setting out the phases in which we will aim to ease lockdown and reduce the impact on all of us - individuals, families, communities and businesses.

"The steps we will take are by necessity gradual and incremental - and theymust also be matched with rigorous, ongoing monitoring of the virus.

"There is no completely risk-free way of lifting lockdown. But we mustmitigate the risks as much as we can and we must not at any stage act rashly or recklessly."

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Waste and recycling services, along with some outdoor businesses, will also be allowed to reopen, Nicola Sturgeon told the Scottish Parliament.

The construction industry will be allowed to resume and any workplacespermitted to return in phase two will be able to prepare for the return of staffduring the first phase.

The First Minister also said a "phased resumption" of aspects of the criminaljustice system will take place, along with a gradual restart of NHS services,such as cancer screenings, which were paused as a result of the outbreak.

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The First Minister said lockdown could be eased as the latest estimate of thereproduction rate - or R number - for the virus, remained between 0.7 and one.

She said that in March, the R number was estimated to have been four.She cautioned, however, that there is still uncertainty about just how far below one it is.

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